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Age vs Mental Health?

Having a loved one who is fighting with changes that come with age is not easy. There comes a time when our physical health starts to decline. Likewise, with the natural process of ageing come mental health changes. It’s essential to get a clear understanding of what causes mental health to decline.

Losing independence is one aspect of growing old. Feelings of isolation and depression can follow the fact that seniors can no longer do all the things they once loved to. Depression becomes quite common. Seniors suffer seriously when they lose a close friend or relative. The feeling of loneliness becomes insurmountable. How do you recognise depression signs? Sleep problems, sadness, isolation and changes in eating habits.

Dementia, however, is not part of the normal ageing process. It often involves forgetting recent events or conversations, not recognising family members’ names and consistently using improper words.

As they grow older, seniors may develop a sense of helplessness. Sometimes they even feel like a burden on the family. They often feel like they are losing their ability to be independent and do things of their own accord.

Ageing inevitably brings about a more solitary life. Seniors may often spend time without interaction. So they do feel lonely. Or communication can be difficult due to poor vision and hearing problems.

Those who brought us into this world need love, support and patience as they pass through the changes that come with age. People who become caregivers can alleviate their physical and mental hardships and provide the compassion and friendship our elders need to lead a more fulfilling life. 

Age vs Mental Health


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