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Having Senior Parents into Your Home

At some point, this is something almost everyone experiences with ageing parents. There are, however, a few options to consider when time comes. First and least harmful is to remodel their current living space and hire help to meet their needs. The second is to find a long-term living facility or nursing home where professionals will provide the kind of care required. The third is to invite them to move with you, which could mean making some home renovations especially for them.

Multi-generational living is a growing trend today. It is also one of the best ways for children to get to know and bond with parents. However numerous the benefits of moving your parents into your home might be, the new living situation will have an impact on the entire family.

Consider the risk of falling and seriously injuring themselves as your parents continue to age. It is a good idea to make some modifications to your own home to accommodate them. It could also mean smaller changes such as installing grab bars and non-slip flooring in a bathroom.

In several different ways your parents might require your support or that of a caregiver. Daily living may be under impact, not to mention your quality of life and mental state as well. Home care support should be arranged. Allow yourself to take breaks and enjoy free time. Avoid taking care of everyone.

Some levels of privacy in your home may have to be sacrificed due to transition to multi-generational living. When elderly parents move in, they bring with them a whole host of different issues related to autonomy.

It can be a great way to reduce housing expenses for both of you, because together you will be paying for one home. Although it’s a great idea, make sure you have this discussion with your parents before moving them in. You may have one idea of how finances will be handled, while they have a completely different one. Settling this matter will avoid potential tension or resentment over money issues, or parents’ feeling of dependence.

Some elderly people enjoy the warmth that comes with multi-generational living. It also reduces the chances of depression and other negative feelings related to loneliness and isolation.

When their children are watching over them, many seniors will more readily adhere to taking medication or other medical requirements. They also tend to eat better. Naturally, when you live together you take better care of health and maintenance.

But above all, once your parents move in, there is a chance for a unique closeness to be created. It may become a fantastic opportunity for your children to get to know their grandparents – and life – even better.




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