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Sean McDonagh

Having worked in the care sector for many years Sean has worked for many of the largest social care organisations. For several years Sean had regularly worked in Mental Health homes up and down the country and it’s from this experience he has gained a wealth of knowledge in what is required to offer the personal service that E Care is renowned for today. Sean is responsible for compliance of all rules and regulations and Sean is a key part of the company’s growth, plans and aspirations. Sean has a Level 2 NCFE working in mental health and his level 5 QCF in health and social care management.

What I enjoy most about my job?

I love the fact that when every new day starts I do not know what it will have in store for me! I love the fact that every day I am doing something different and I am constantly developing the company and making constant improvements, this could be through software installations, to developing sociable staff hubs every day is different! I have the utmost respect for my teams and I feel that my focus is always driven by the satisfaction of my clients and my team, its very important to me to have a happy team as happy teams mean happy clients and after all that’s my job, to ensure that we constantly deliver good quality care and we have a happy balanced team who enjoy coming to work.

Why I enjoy working for E Care?

I have seen E Care grow from our first every employee to the 4 offices we operate today, we are a goal driven company and at the forefront of every goal is the satisfaction of both clients and team members, I am proud of our achievements to date, we always set the bar very high when it comes to quality and I think if you speak to any of our team members this will be evident in our new age approach to employee satisfaction, from our 24 hour accessible staff hubs which all staff can access anytime to our constantly improving remuneration packages, I believe we are constantly setting new standards and this is something we will continue to do and is something that gives me great satisfaction in knowing we are not only able to provide the highest level of care and support to our clients but also the best level of job satisfaction to our staff, that is very important to me.

What sets E Care apart from other care providers:

Listening, we always listen to feedback from clients and team members to improve our service nationwide. We are inventive and always utilise the best technology to improve user experience. We are accessible with our whole management team being fully accessible to ensure issues or queries are dealt with in the most efficient way, lastly passion, we are passionate about everything we do, we care for our clients and team members just like they are our own family members and I think this is very important when choosing a company to work for and this is what sets us apart from other care providers.

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